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Mountain Sky Return To In Person Learning Center

posted Oct 8, 2020, 5:47 PM by Perry Mason   [ updated Oct 16, 2020, 5:20 PM ]
Mountain Sky Return To In Person Learning Center

As you know the Washington Elementary school District has been moving towards a return to in person learning.  We thank all of you who took the opportunity to place your preference and then confirm or change that preference. 

As related in all of the WESD outdials, the measures in the WESD communities have remained in the yellow long enough that we are moving cautiously into a Hybrid Model, rather than a Full Traditional model. 

For those who responded that you would want to return to in person, that means your student will be joining us in person after the Fall Break in a Hybrid Model.  The Hybrid Model is designed to maintain safety for student and staff through several mitigating procedures. 

Mountain Sky return to In person Learning Video

Please watch this video for an explanation of the reopening procedures.  Included is information about

Safe practices ( the hybrid schedule, social distancing, face masks, cleaning procedures)

Arrival and dismissal


Lunch and Breakfast

and much more.  

1. Hybrid Schedules

Cutting the number of students in half by creating a group A and group B.  That means Group A would attend in person classes on Mondays and Thursdays.  Group B would attend in person classes Tuesdays and Fridays.  While not in school in person, students will be completing independent work for their classes.  On Wednesdays both groups would attend classes virtually.  We will be activating schedules in ParentVue and StudentVue. 

All students will be given a copy of their schedule in their Homeroom Advisory class when they arrive.  

Here is the list of all advisory classes by student ID number.  Advisory Class and Teacher Link

Light Blue classrooms are Team 8B                                                                                  

Yellow classrooms are Team 7B

Orange classrooms are Team 7A                                 Note: the A or B designation is part of the historical   

Green classrooms are Team 8A                                   team names, and not connected to the days of 

Purple classrooms are Team 7/8 C                              attendance. 

We have been given the A and B groupings from our district office based on several criteria, including keeping siblings on the same days even if they are in another WESD school.   

Group A

Students in Group A will attend in person classes Mondays and Thursdays starting October 19.  They will attend their advisory on online on Tuesday and Friday for their daily attendance and then complete work assigned by their teachers during the in person sessions the days before.

Group B

Students in Group B will attend in person classes Tuesdays and Fridays starting October 20.  They will attend their advisory on online on Monday and Thursday for their daily attendance and then complete work assigned by their teachers during the in person sessions the days before. 

All students will have a Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Elective.   Students will rotate among those classes in a five period day.  The classes were moved to be close in proximity, in order to limit movement about the building to areas and allow groups of student to reduce their exposure to other students. 

2. Important requirements for in person

While on campus all students will be required to wear proper fitting masksmaintain social distancing, and wash hands regularly.  We will be placing more information about our social distancing procedures on our website.

3.  COVID-19 Parental Acknowledgment – Disclosure

Before attending in person, parents must check ParentVue to read and acknowledge the in person procedures and policies.  If you have not acknowledged the 2020-21 Parent Student Handbook agreement, you must complete that first. 

4.  School hours

School will begin at 8:55 a.m. and dismiss at 4:00 p.m.   Gates and entrances will open after 8:30 a.m. Students will be screened at the perimeter (temperature check, questions regarding current health conditions – fever, cough, etc.).  Students, who have a 100.4 temperature or higher, or respond ‘yes’ to any of the screening questions, will be taken to a private room until a parent can come and pick up the student. 

5.  Transportation

For students riding the bus, WESD transportation services have sent letters to your address in our system.  They should arrive in the next day or two with bus stop times and locations. 

        Bus Stops and Times

6.  Arrival to school during the Hybrid Model

Please refer to the map below.  Students will be screened at five locations.  1. Bike Rack, 2. Bus Bay, 3. Front Gate, 4. Greenway drop off, and 5. Front office - for late arriving students only.   

7. Technology

In order to complete assignments during the independent workdays and the Wednesday virtual days, students will need to bring charged Chromebooks back and forth.  We ask that families make sure to provide a secure way for students to transport those items (for example a backpack).   

8. Water bottles

In order to mitigate exposure risks from touchpoints such as drinking fountain, students are asked to bring water bottles.   We have been directed to turn off drinking fountains.  We want students to stay hydrated. 

We very much look forward to seeing your student in person.  We wish we were able to do more in person prior to opening, but we will do our best to prepare you through information on this page of our website. 

9. Hybrid Times

As you look at the following schedule remember Mountain Sky is grouped into academic teams normally.  7A F.I.R.E., 7B S.T.A.R.S., 8A W.I.N.G.S., and 8B Talons.  Please do not confuse the team names with the A and B with days.  They are not related.   I order to accommodate many needs and distancing numbers, we created a fifth team, just for this time period.  That team is a combination of 7and 8 students.  We are calling them "C" team as they are in building C and it works with the previous A and B team names.   

This schedule is for both A and B days.  

On Wednesdays, the classes will all be on line.  Here is that schedule. Teachers will share with their students on Day A and B how to connect to those classes.  

10. Continuing Extended Learning Times

For students who will be continuing with the extended learning model.  Teachers will be contacting you soon.  

These are the times for classes.  Students will not have 10 classes.  They will only have their four core classes with many gaps between to complete assignments.