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Office construction coming soon!

posted Mar 3, 2019, 2:23 PM by Perry Mason

In order to improve the safety and improve service at Mountain Sky, we are proud to announce the beginning of our office renovation project beginning during Spring Break.  Thanks to the voter approved Bond in 2016, we are able to address many of the concerns we have had for several years.  To learn more about how the reconstruction will improve our safety, please feel free to call me (602-896-6100).

For now we want families to know that due to the construction, the access to the office and some of its surrounding areas will be changing.  This may affect pick up and drop off routines, and it will affect traffic patterns on campus temporarily.  

The Office Entrance

The front office will no longer be accessible after March 14.  Temporarily the office will be moving into the library, which has been adjusted to accommodate the office functions for the rest of the 2018-19 school year.  Once the construction is completed in July 2019, the office will move back into the reconfigured office area. 

Until then the office will be accessed through the double doors that lead into the library, which is truly five feet from the current entrance, however the approach to that door will be altered significantly.    

The current front gate to the left of the flag pole will be the focus of construction and grading, so the office will have to accessed by using the gate to the right of the flag pole. 

Arrival and dismissal will not be changed except for the additional traffic caused by the other area mentioned below.  The front gates will be open as always at the beginning and end of the day, but during school students will no longer be able to walk around the front of the school.  Visitors will be able to enter the gate to the right of the flag pole and then turn left toward the office, and then turn right again into the library.    

Pull in lane on Greenway  

The most noticeable change will be the closure of the pull in lane on the north side of the school along Greenway Road.  After Spring Break that pull in lane will be the staging area for construction materials and vehicles during the Office remodel.  We expect this to affect the pick up and drop off patterns, so please plan to have a longer wait or circle the school.  

We are aware and apologize in advance that these changes will create some challenges, but in the end the changes will create a safer campus, and hopefully improve the visibility of the office as well as improve our service to our community.