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WESD Parent Survey for Distance or Hybrid Learning Choice

posted Sep 22, 2020, 5:29 PM by Perry Mason

WESD continues to thank you for your patience during these very fluid times. We are human beings trying to work together and plan for uncertainties.  As we have stated in the past, WESD is taking our guidance from the federal, state and local health officials, the Governor and the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Main Points of this communication:

·         The Arizona Department of Health Services and Maricopa County Health Department benchmarks for In-Person Learning and the WESD’s current benchmarks;

·         The Purpose of this Communication;

·         The Descriptions of Learning Options; and

·         Selection of a Learning Model for your Student.

It is important that you complete your selection by September 18.  Please note, you may receive a call from your school’s staff if you have not responded by September 16.

ADHS and MCHS Benchmarks for In-Person Learning and the WESD Current Benchmarks

Beginning in August, the Arizona Department of Health Services and the Maricopa County Health Department began sharing benchmarks related to the safe return to In-Person Instruction.  These benchmarks must be met for two consecutive weeks prior to considering any in-person instruction.  These benchmarks include:


Minimal (Green)

Moderate (Yellow)

Substantial (Red)


<10 cases/100,000

10-100 cases/100,000

>100 cases/100,000

Percent Positivity



Note: <7% for a Hybrid


COVID-like Illness




ADHS and MCHS have defined three delivery models for districts to use as they return to in-person instruction:

Traditional –Benchmarks are green for two consecutive weeks, all students return to physical buildings

Hybrid – Benchmarks are yellow (note: percent positivity must be below 7%) for two consecutive weeks, some students are in the physical buildings and some students are online distance learning.

Virtual – Benchmarks are red for two consecutive weeks, all students are online distance learning.

Once the benchmarks are reached, families and the district will need some time to transition (childcare, bus routes, schedules, etc.).

Please click here to see the current WESD Benchmarks.

Purpose of this Communication

The purpose of this communication is to ask your family’s plan regarding returning to in-person instruction in the WESD.  If you have determined that you would like your family to remain in online distance learning for the semester or full year, we will need you to indicate this preference at the end of this communication. (Note: we will provide an opportunity to enroll again for the second semester closer to Winter Break).

If your family is ready to return to in-person learning when the benchmarks indicate to do so, we are asking for your feedback as to when you wish your child/children to return to in-person instruction. There are two options for in-person instruction:

·         Hybrid Learning - Some students in physical buildings and some students online distance learning

·         Traditional Learning - All students in physical buildings

Descriptions of Learning Options

Online Distance Learning (Red with PCR above 10% for two consecutive weeks)

The online distance learning model will consist of “live” real-time instruction (all five days) at designated times during the day with WESD curriculum resources. WESD teachers with instruction in core content and specials/electives will teach the lessons. Accommodations and support services will be provided. This is the model we are currently in.

Students choosing this learning model will most likely be assigned a different teacher due to the number of students choosing this option, staffing, credentials and other factors.


Hybrid A/B Learning (Yellow with PCR below 7% for two consecutive weeks)

During the Hybrid A/B period of time, parents who choose the hybrid model will have two full days of in-person learning, two days of self-paced, independent work at home and Wednesday early release day of live sessions online with a teacher. Transportation will be provided for students who qualify for transportation. Breakfast and lunch will be provided.

During the two days of in-person learning, students will participate in typical classroom learning. Staff will use district curriculum and resources.

Students in this model may be assigned a different teacher due to staffing, class sizes and other factors. Wednesday will continue to be an early release day.

Safety protocols during the Hybrid A/B Model

The district will follow the Maricopa County Department of Public Health guidelines including:

·         Required face coverings (students and staff) Note: Face coverings must meet dress code

·         Daily temperature checks (students and staff)

·         Frequent handwashing/hand sanitizing

·         Enhanced cleaning of high touch point areas throughout the day

·         Enhanced ventilation with increased outside air intake

·         Physical Distancing

·         Students will stay in cohorts

·         One way traffic patterns in hallways

·         Student belongings will be separated from others

·         Drop-off and pickup routines will be modified to facilitate social distancing

Traditional Learning (Green with PCR below 5% for two consecutive weeks)

WESD students return to five days of instruction with all students on campus.  Schools will be in session for regular school hours. Transportation bus schedules will be in effect and breakfast and lunch will be served. Essential safety protocols will be followed including frequent hand washing/hand sanitizing, enhanced cleaning of high touch point areas throughout the day and ventilation with increased outside air intake.  At the time of this communication, the Governor’s Executive Order 2020-51 and Maricopa County Board of Supervisors have a mandatory face-covering requirement in place.

Students in this model most likely will have their current teacher. Wednesday will continue to be an early release day.

We will use safety protocols, benchmarks, survey results, staffing and other factors to make a decision on our in-person learning model which will either be the Hybrid A/B Model or waiting until the metrics indicate a Traditional Model.