Drop off and Pick up

Student Drop-off/Pickup Areas
Student drop-off and pickup is located along the front parking lot off of 7th Avenue.  We also have a more limited "pull-in" along Greenway Road.  We specifically ask people to be aware of traffic backing up along Greenway Road.  Due to the number of vehicles and limited parking, cars may need to continue past the school, turn around at a safe location, and return to the school.  Areas to watch out for are:
  •  The pull-in zone along Greenway Road.  Please do not allow your vehicle to sit out in traffic while waiting to pull in.  If you find yourself backed out onto Greenway and cannot safely pull into the Greenway pull in, please proceed East on Greenway to turn around and come back.  Once you are back you will likely find the area clear.  
  •  Turning left into Mountain Sky on 7th Avenue.  There is a left-hand turn lane into our parking lot near LeMarche street, but during heavy traffic cars often get backed up.  Please be careful not to pull to far forward as buses are exiting the bus bay.  Also, please do not try to enter the parking lot queue until their is space to completely make it into the line.  we want to avoid blocking oncoming traffic.          

Since dismissal tends to get very backed up, we ask that families please pull cars forward as close to the flagpole as possible before letting students into their vehicles to allow more cars into the lot.  Drivers are asked to stay in their vehicles so they are able to pull forward.    

Please do not use the bus bay prior to school or immediately after school while buses are present.  Our concern is for your student's safety, your safety, and your vehicle.  

It is also common practice for cars to wait in the neighboring communities during dismissal.  We remind families that the community to the south of Mountain Sky is a private community, and they do not allow parents to park on their streets during pick up.  Additionally, the neighborhood to our west, asks that people not park on the neighborhood streets, blocking driveways.  

Early student pickup
If you are picking up a student early, please come into the attendance office located on the north side of the main office building, near the flagpole.  
Make sure you have a valid form of identification and that you are an approved contact in our system.  If either of these two items are missing, you will not be allowed to have contact with the student.  

Late arriving students
If a student arrives late, please come into the attendance office located on the north side of the main office building, near the flagpole.  In the attendance office, the parent will sign the student in.  Students arriving after the 9:00 a.m. bell need to sign in at the attendance office rather than going to homeroom.