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The following sports are offered to students:

Fall Sports


7th & 8th Girls' Volleyball: Coach Doug Meyer - doug.meyer@wesdschools.org
7/8 Boys' Volleyball: Coach Doug Meyer - doug.meyer@wesdschools.org

Girls Soccer
7/8 Girls' Soccer: Coach: Kailyn Dop - kailyn.dop@wesdschools.org

Cross Country   
Coaches: Dayne Austin (dayne.austin@wesdschools.org) & Elizabeth Coleman (elizabeth.coleman@wesdschools.org)

7th Grade Boys Basketball
Coach: Tom Hrlevich

8th Grade Boys Basketball
Coach: Jamaal Scott

Coach: Elizabeth Coleman - elizabeth.coleman@wesdschools.org
(Follows the basketball schedule)

Winter Sports
7th & 8th Grade Wrestling
Coach: Ricardo Reyes 

7th Grade Girls Basketball 
Coach: Stephanie Halls - stephanie.halls@wesdschools.org

8th Grade Girls Basketball
Coach: Billy Distler - william.distler@wesdschools.org

Spring Sports

7/8 Boys Soccer

Coach: Kailyn Dop - kailyn.dop@wesdschools.org

7/8 Girls Softball
Coach: Angel Gratto - angelique.gratto@wesdschools.org

7/8 Track & Field
Coach Krystin Yee - krystin.yee@wesdschools.org
Coach Kailyn Dop - kailyn.dop@wesdschools.org

April 9th @ Greenway HS 
April 28th @ Cortez HS
May 11th @ Thunderbird HS

Fees and Admission 

Participation Fees

A participation fee of $25.00 will be assessed from each team member. No student shall be denied participation for lack of fee. These fees may be used to purchase team uniforms, replace practice or game equipment, hire officials, or pay tournament fees, or other expenses related to the activity.

Admission Fees

Each school will charge admission ($2 for adults and $1 for students grades 4-8) for athletic events. Admission fees will be used to cover costs of game officials.  Students/parents will be admitted to home and away games upon presentation of a valid sports activity card from any of the WESD middle schools.  Tournament admission is excluded from the parent Sports Activity Card.